Introducing Jill Contreras

New team member interview and spotlight

by Paul Santos

It's my honor to interview Jill Contreras, Senior Project Manager, PM Team Lead, and one of our newest team members at Foster Made!

Q: If we see you with headphones on, what are you jamming?

A: Anything from The Talking Heads to Sturgill Simpson to David Bowie… or perhaps some reggae (or cough a jam band cough). There is really no telling. I love music… all of it.

Q: Cat, dog, both? Maybe there is another furry friend you’d rather have?

A: Cats and dogs outnumber the humans at my house at the moment, so both. I wouldn’t be opposed to adding a miniature pig and/or goat.

Q: Who was your childhood hero?

A: My mom. And she still is! I’m tellin’ you she’s an amazing lady.

Q: How did you get into Project Management?

A: By accident. I was working in the restaurant industry after college and one afternoon I was serving lunch to the owners of a local PR firm. I told them I would work for them even for free (you could say I was a little desperate), so I followed up and BOOM they hired me as an intern! From there, they set me up with my first PM job interview and the rest is history...

Q: What about Project Management speaks to you?

A: I am social person by nature, so I love interacting with all different kinds of people everyday.

Q: What are you particularly excited about in your role at Foster Made?

A: I’m excited to have the opportunity to influence new processes based on my experience and grow the PM team as a Lead. I’m also looking forward to expanding my knowledge in the technical space.

Q: This may be presumptuous, but what do you love about Foster Made (so far)?

A: Well, that’s easy… the people! Also, a close second is the grocery list so I can continue to feed my La Croix addiction.

Q: Last but not least, is there a part of the world you’d love to experience?

A: I’ve spent most of my time traveling in Central America (Mexico/Belize) and recently spent a couple of weeks in Thailand & Cambodia which checked my “travel across the world” box. So knowing that, this might seem weird, but next on my list is to visit the West Coast. I’ve never been, and I hear there is no humidity… which I’ll need to see for myself.

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