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Adrian Calton


At a Glance

As a developer, Adrian is both dependable and adaptable, always eager to dive deep and willing to change course as needed to help others.

/ Professional Bio

Before joining Foster Made in 2017, Adrian made his living in the service industry, as a professional flair bartender and restaurant manager. Having studied computer science at Christopher Newport University years prior, and in order to spend more time with his daughter, Adrian decided to teach himself programming. That led to an internship at Foster Made where, after just six months, he was hired as a full-time developer. Adrian now has more than six years of experience under his belt, having worked on complex projects for a wide range of clients.

/ At Foster Made

Adrian has a range of capabilities, including back-end CMS and custom app development, as well as front-end work in React. From writing custom add-ons to building out complex search and discovery experiences, he's often called in to "solve the hard stuff" on a number of projects including website redesigns and CMS replatforms and upgrades. Whatever he's doing, Adrian loves helping our clients achieve their website requirements and goals, learning about new technologies to broaden his knowledge base, and sipping coffee while making teammates laugh.

/ Core Expertise
  • CMS and Add-On Development
  • Algolia Search Implementation
  • React and Vue JS Development
  • PHP Development and Maintenance
  • Laravel PHP Framework

Beyond Introductions

More about Adrian in his own words.



In Mechanicsville, VA



Macclesfield, Australia. It’s small. So small I usually tell people I’m from Melbourne.


Favorite Movie

Star Wars (Original Trilogy). If you need a description of this, we should hang out at once so I can show you.

What do you love about your role?

"I'm excited to be at Foster Made for many reasons, to be honest. It's work that really lets me flex my brain and continue to learn and expand my knowledge daily."

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