Retained Services

A proactive partnership centered on your success.

At a glance

We've got you.

We get it. You’re busy and need a team you can trust by your side. We’re your power-up. We will come alongside you as your trusted advisor and get-it-done team. We take the long view while worrying about the here and now, helping you keep your eyes on the forest and the trees.

We care about your success and your sanity. With a strategic roadmap and ongoing updates, we will sweat the details that help keep your brand relevant and customers engaged.

/ Common Retained Services activities
  • API & Integration Development
  • Data & Analytics Integration
  • Development & Engineering
  • DevOps & Infrastructure Management
  • Performance Tuning & Optimization
  • Personalization & Experimentation
  • Search & Discovery
  • Strategy & Roadmapping
  • Tech Stack Evaluation & Transformations
  • User Experience (UX) Strategy & Design

A Dedicated Team

Your strategic partners.

As a retained services customer, you get a dedicated team that knows the ins and outs of you and your organization. They help you brainstorm, make recommendations, and can pull in additional tech support from other team members to get the job done.


Taking an iterative approach.

Big overhauls of existing technology platforms are sometimes necessary, but they are time-consuming and can drain resources and energy. Smaller, iterative improvements allow you to maximize efficiency, save time and resources, and minimize risk.


Customizable to meet your needs.

We offer full- and part-time sprints and ad hoc hours for maximum flexibility and efficiency. Scale up or down to meet your needs on a quarterly basis. All retainer agreements include proactive monitoring, strategy sessions, and on-demand hotfix releases.

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