Our Values

Eight Core Values

Guiding Principles

Our values guide us in all we do.

They shape our culture, influence our decision-making, and inspire us to be better and do more for each other, and for ourselves.

Value 01

People come first.

It’s the people who make Foster Made. To have a healthy, growing business it only makes sense to prioritize the well-being of our team. But it goes beyond that. The decisions we make impact, not only each team member, but their families, the larger community, and beyond. Putting our people first is not just good for business, it’s the right thing to do.

Value 02

Client success is our success.

We are inspired and deeply rewarded by the success of our clients. On each project, we get to know the people involved. Their objectives and goals become our objectives and goals, so when clients succeed, we all celebrate the win. To us, the ultimate sign of a job well done is the sound of praise and high fives all around.

Value 03

Be great, strive to be greater.

As individuals, we are self-motivated to gain expertise and maturity in our given crafts. We pursue inspiration, never compromise on quality, and continuously seek to learn more. We believe there is always room for growth. Each of us takes responsibility for being great now, while actively working to be even greater.

Value 04

Help each other grow.

As a team, we embrace a collective growth mindset. We’re always willing to help each other out, share knowledge, and give credit where credit is due. This builds an environment of trust where giving and receiving feedback is the norm, and learning from our experiences and celebrating our successes are equally important.

Value 05

Innovation through inclusivity.

We take seriously the responsibility of actively pursuing diverse candidates, promoting fairness, and encouraging inclusion on our team. We believe a diverse and inclusive workplace leads to greater innovation. Our combined experiences and perspectives make us a stronger, more capable team.

Value 06

Transparency builds trust.

Open, honest, and sincere communication is central to all we do. We are crystal clear about project details like who’s doing the work, our timeline, and billing. If there’s a question or concern, we don’t avoid difficult conversations or hide the truth. Our openness stems from holding our clients’ (and each other’s) confidence and trust in the highest regard.

Value 07

Nurture healthy relationships.

We are relational by nature and find meaning in our work through human connections. The healthier the connection, the more enjoyable the experience. This means we speak to each other with kindness and respect, acknowledge that life continues after working hours, and take time to listen, share, and laugh.

Value 08

Details matter.

We understand how important even the smallest details can be and how they can shape an overall experience. The little things add up. We strive to be thoughtful and maintain our commitment to quality in everything we do.

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