Introducing Leo Caldas

New team member interview and spotlight

by Adrian Calton

It's my great honor to introduce our newest team member and front-end developer, Leo (pronounced LEY-o). As I took the opportunity to ask Leo a little bit about himself and his professional background, the song "Wind of Change" by the Scorpions became a recurring theme in our back-and-forth. "Like a stormwind that will ring the freedom bell," I think this change is going to be a good one.

Q: Good afternoon, Leo, and thank you for taking the time to sit down with me today. How are you?

A: I’m doing just fine. Feeling grateful and inspired by “the magic of the moment."

Q: How long have you worked in the web development industry?

A: I’ve been involved with the web since the mid 2000’s. I worked for years as a freelancer/small business owner and offered corporate identity design services to my clients. A “website” was one of those services offered and that slowly, but surely, started to fill-up my monthly workload. The “winds of change” let me know that web was going to be my future career path.

Today, my role is about the front-end experience and joining Foster Made will allow me to work with a talented team in giving value to information. That’s essentially what we are here to do as professionals.

Q: What first interested you in this type of work?

A: I’ve always been a visual person, inspired by the arts. I’m a designer by trade and the web offers an exciting interactive experience that connects the individual with the entire world at large. Thinking about that on a meta level blows my mind every time. I mean “the world is closing in. Did you ever think that we could be so close, like brothers."

Q: It’s actually quite breathtaking to think about what an expansive medium the internet is for communication and interaction. With so many outlets for visual designers in the world, what was it specifically about the internet that first captured you, as opposed to a career in say photography or advertising?

A: The same thing interactive CD-roms did for me (Macromedia Director, anyone, anyone?). Instant feedback/gratification via the interaction with the interface. Things happen when you click/touch.

Q: Since you started in this industry, what sort of discoveries have you made about it that has driven you and kept you fascinated to learn more?

A: “The future's in the air." Having visual tools for connecting with family overseas, being able to do financial transactions securely online, and having my touch devices work in every country I visit is proof that the web is one of the greatest inventions of our time. Tools that get you out of a rut, provide answers to difficult questions, or point you in an informed direction are extremely useful for the human condition. Ultimately, it serves a purpose.

Q: Do you see the internet as somewhere “Where the children of tomorrow share their dreams?"

A: Definitely. “With you and me."

Q: Would you mind sharing with us a little about your personal background? What about some of your favorite hobbies?

A: I have many hobbies and they change frequently. I love the ocean and am learning long board surfing. I’m working on my turns, the walk, and hanging ten.

Q: What brought you to Foster Made?

A: I think the level of expertise and the attention to detail is second to none here. I was very impressed with the brand and the strategic moves the company made recently. All that is to say, I'm excited to be a part of that now and a part of the Foster Made team.

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