A Season of Thanksgiving

An FM Tradition

by Shawn Maida

Here at Foster Made we like to celebrate the Thanksgiving season in a number of ways, but one of our most cherished traditions is our Thankful Notes. Each person on our team submits anonymous notes to express thanks to other members of the team. We then compile the notes and read our favorites over one of our Monday team lunches.

I believe these notes not only show why we're thankful for one another, but also highlight why we consider ourselves family. It is for this reason that we would like to share some of these notes with you, offering a glimpse into one of our team's favorite holiday traditions.

Without further ado:

Adam Tsai: He's one of those guys that has somehow attained that perfect balance between cool and nerdy. How does he do it?

Adam Winfree: Even though I worry that we’ve got this chocolate chip cookie competition that only I know about, and people might like his cookies more than mine, I just love chocolate chip cookies so much that I’m willing to let it go. He’s also helpful and true to his word.

Alex Glover: She’s ALWAYS bright and happy and positive, and that never fails to make me feel bright and happy and positive!

Alex Mejias: The way he greets common, everyday factoids with complete bewilderment and wonder is a real delight to witness.

Andrew Westerhouse: He’d make a really good Arby’s employee (possibly even management material?), but I’m glad he works here instead.

Jim Zador: He’s sort of a “man’s man,” and once offered to let me borrow a chainsaw... not realiz- ing that I would have certainly managed to relieve myself of an appendage or two had I taken him up on said generous offer.

Jonathan Cox: He can turn something as mundane as his haircut schedule into an enthralling tale of love, loss, friendship, and betrayal.

Jun Kim: He always bikes past me while I’m stuck at traffic lights in the morning, but then walks in the door 10 minutes after I do. HOW'D HE DO THAT?!

Kelly Packer: She maintains a positive attitude about life despite the ecological time bomb that exists mere miles from where she rests her head at night.

Lina Calin: She often knows what to do or say in social situations when I feel awkward and don’t know what to do or say and I’m just so glad someone does.

Matt Zador: Watching him decide what to eat for lunch is like watching a conductor decide the best way to wreck the train.

Meoleaeke Watts: Pokémon Go players are a dying breed and we gotta stick together. The bond runs deep.

Mike Smith: Mike is the secret undercover operative of mildly inappropriate humor. Metaphorically speaking, others may drop the anvil directly on your head; but Mike will write a note on a small slip of paper, fold it up nicely, and politely slide it across the table.

Nina Rogers: All her organization and everything she does. Also I like knowing she is making biscuits in the office. Even if I can’t eat them.

Paul Santos: Even though “Shiny Happy People” by R.E.M. is one of the worst songs ever written and has sort of a vague, ironic socio-political subtext; if you ignore those facts, you could say that Paul is the living embodiment of “Shiny Happy People.” You know, all that stuff about being happy, laughing, flowers, and holding hands or whatever. I mean, yeah, I could have just said something about him being arguably the nicest person on the planet, but I’m pretty sure that’s what I said last year, so I was trying to be “creative,” alright?

Shawn Maida: On the days that he shows up wearing pants instead of shorts, I’m suddenly compelled to call him “Mr. Maida”.

Steve Bishop: His mid-day dance breaks always make me smile. Plus he’s a wizard in the kitchen!

Steven Hernandez: We have some really great sidebar conversations and his enthusiasm to work on new and interesting things is motivating.

Of course where would we be without all of our wonderful clients and partners. We're forever grateful for the opportunity we have to work with all of you and look forward to making many awesome things in years to come.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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